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Wednesday, December 29, 2010

'YES' moment

"Whats that?", I heard my husband say as we drove down the beach.  It was near dark, it was getting harder to see.  
"Its a big freakin' float-  YES!!! Hot Freakin' Dog" I exclaimed.  The whole Jeep burst out in laughter- but I was gone.  Out the door, running to claim my prize.  It seemed much lighter on the beach, funny its quite heavy now.  We laughed the whole night about my 'YES' moment.

I hope you all have a 'YES' moment in your near future...we all deserve a bit of excitement once in a while.  

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Goal for the New Year...

Live Simply, Reduce, and surround myself with people and things that bring me joy.  Sounds easy enough- but I need suggestions ways you have found to live simpler and reduce in your home, lifestyle, and ways to cut the budget.  Would love to hear from you- and I'll send updates of ways it is working in my life!

Back to those goals!

I constantly have a 'donate box' going in my home.  I offer items on my local freecycle group.  If you aren't part of it- check out the group in your area-- freecycle.org will get you in the right direction.

We started using the 'disposal' grocery bags as our kitchen trash bags 3 weeks ago.  Its actually been a hard step to reusing, and reducing.  I changed out our trash can to a small bathroom trash can.  You can't really fit much in those bags, but there is a benefit in doing so.  I keep my old tall kitchen can in the garage.  Every time I fill a grocery bag with trash (sometimes I fill them quicker than other times) I tie it up and toss it in the big can in garage- then when I get a chance, I dump that can straight into the dumpster out front.  It has done a few things- reduced the amount of trash in general- we seem to be using the disposal more, recycling more, and keeping my 'merdog' Lilly from getting into it.  The can is small enough I can just set it on an unused part of the counter to keep her out of it.  And, we empty it so much more often, she is less likely to get anything when she forgets the rules:)  I also don't have stinky trash in my kitchen- like I said- you can't put much it in.  When I run out of my grocery bags I had been saving- I can just request more on freecycle!  I figure my old trash bags were plastic, so if I don't buy them- I can use everyone else's grocery bags for free and reduce plastic in landfills a little- plus it saves my pocketbook some too.