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Saturday, January 28, 2012

MANtiques Collection - Loving Coastal Living

MANtiques Collection - Loving Coastal Living

What are MANtiques? Fun way of choosing items Men (& ladies) just LOVE! I recently formed the category in the store. Its filled with great MAN gift ideas, and gives the loved men in our life a section all to themselves! Or so we make them think!
The name was stolen from a friend of mine's recent expansion at her antique shop. She added one room to her second floor just for the men. The rest of the floor is filled to the gills with fabulous women's fashion and clothing from all eras, this was her way to keep those men tagging along their spouse something to rummage through while the women tried on clothes. Mastermind, she is!
I've adopted the idea too- just in my online retail store!

Visit the section today- I'll be adding more to the section very soon...

Stay tuned

Thursday, January 19, 2012


Good Day!  I'm so glad to announce that in our latest accomplishment of reaching 300 Facebook Fans this week, we are offering a fabulous GIVEAWAY in conjunction with the lovely, Sally Lee by the Sea!  She is hosting the giveaway, and you must sign up for a chance to WIN on her site.
It'll so much fun, unwrapping all the treasures of the winner's delightful prize.  Imagine... sea shells, starfish, sand dollars- OH MY!  Some of my best sellers will be included- just in time for Spring Decorating.
So make sure to visit my dear friend, Sally Lee by the Sea's site at NauticalCottageBlog.com, to enter.  She has a fabulous site filled with talented artists, and great articles filled with 'beachy' ideas.  If you're not her follower yet, please sign up- it'll be worth an occasional email filled with wonders of the sea!
For easy access to the giveaway- here's the link to directly sign up!
Good Luck- I wish you all well, and I hope your day is filled the sunshine of the island!

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Friday, January 13, 2012

Finding it hard to give something away!

I announced a few days ago the opening of my new website Shop.Lovingcoastalliving.com, and in doing so,  I also announced a coupon code for $10 off. It was limited to the first five people, and shoo far only one person has placed an order and took advantage of the deal. Take it for what it its folks.  A free shopping pass for something smaller or a great discount for something a little bigger. So I offering the last 4 codes up tonight.  Browse and shop!  Use WELCOME  at checkout top receive the discount.

Sunday, January 8, 2012

New website

Stop by the new website! Its note completely functional. This is where we'll be adding new art and product.  Just for stopping and bookmarking the new site you can take advantage of a limited customer special.  The first 5 buyers on the new site will receive $10 off. No strings,  just free money!  So be one of my first customers in the new site. 
It also has a direct link to the other blog.  Waiting for you...

Enter coupon code WELCOME to redeem

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Have you bought your 2012 Wall Calendar yet?

I hope not!  Yes, I'm a little behind for the extraordinary organized people, but I was caught of guard when I introduced my calendars. Sales have brought me to only 2 left in stock!  I have yet to even list them as avail on Etsy.
I'm re-ordering,  but in meantime,  I have two left that I'm offering for sale directly till my new stock comes in.
The calendars feature coastal photography from my collection, some images never yet released. Each month offers a small quote  of inspiration at the bottom of the print. I know you'll love them!
I have had nothing but positive feedback. So, all my dear original followers get first grabs on the two left!  Special price of $15, and I'll ship it out for free. I'll even throw in a small set of handmade gift tags,  just because I love you all.
So the real question is,  who's in?

Wednesday, January 4, 2012


Wow! So far the New Year had been full of fabulous blessings, I hope yours is the same.
I was the lucky recipient of two Klins. One full size older model, a Duncan,  and a small sized, Quick Fire,  that's practically new. I am so excited to have this opportunity to try something new. I need to have an Outlet installed for the larger one,  but want to get started on the small one asap. I am looking for advice on the best potters Clay for molding, and small sculpture pieces. I also want to play with some fused glass, and would appreciate a quick 101 course for light weights like me.
A generous older woman gave both Klins to me.  I meet her at an at show over the Holidays,  and our talks lead up to the kind donations. What an awesome gift.
I also want top invite everyone to tune in to my Facebook page each day for the continuation of my New Years RESOLUTION. I had so many good ideas,  but really couldn't pin point the spirit of what I really wanted to tackle in the New Year. So instead of making a task or goal I felt would wash away like writing in the sand,  I decided to take a brief moment every day to display something I am thankful for. The results so early in the game have been such a positive experience, that I wanted to invite you to check in on Facebook and read my daily thoughts. I didn't anticipate the overwhelming amount of positive and joyful attitude and state of mind it's brought me. So far my mind is filled throughout the day of a state of gratitude. How wonderful it feels.

Here's my Facebook link, and don't forgery to like my page if you haven't already done so. www.Facebook.com/Seashellsbyseashore.Lovingcoastalliving