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Friday, May 29, 2015


Ok! Anew day!

Please know, I as a little person, know I stir and share some deep messages that just may tug at your heart strings. Sometimes when we hurt, are in pain, struggling in any way...It also can bring out that strife. Totally completely out! I know very well we all make mistakes, disappoint the ones we Love, fight & really hurt the ones that we truly love & live for most. Families, partners on any level, and other significant others in life's path...we all can be down right mean, spiteful, & bitter. We're human...we hate. However, we all passionately LOVE too!
So, just so your a little lighter today...remember if you're currently going thru torment & pain- or true hell in your mind, heart, or soul's...run like crazy! You can prevail and get out FAST if you make a conscience decision that you truly hate being there!

Run towards the light. It may lead you to the Way, Light, & Truth you're really seeking. Running away from the light with only bring more darkness. Don't go there! It's ALWAYS a bad place. Learn to run as fast as you possibly can to whatever light! Light, (illuminating) can if you seek, help you find pure peaceful light even in the darkest of nights.
SEA the light!
Be lifted...

TheShellLady of LovingCoastalLiving/ SeashellsbySeashore

Thursday, May 28, 2015

Wise men & women

Going to 'Try' to make this a quick one...
In my personal journey, some of the wisest, most respected, and loved teachers in my lifetime all did something...
They knew when, what exact second, moment in time to Fall Silent. Discerning that..that knowledge, that patience, that true love, is a real true gift! The weight I felt as a 'child' when those people in my path would truly Fall Silent, brought out a passion, a fire inside me!
They knew exactly what they were doing! They were sculpting me as a person and individual. At times it just confused me, or worse yet, anger towards those very same people I loved the most. It also secretly, deeply, drove me to figure stuff out for myself. Like I said, they knew perfectly well what they were doing!
Just have to sit back and giggle inside or out, & thank what I believe in that they were used for this purpose.
Found these cute pins y'all might like regarding this! I as a small person in this BIG world, really hope y'all enjoy it!
Live with purpose. Sometimes it's best to let a bigger purpose drive us to endless possibilities we never could have predicted!

The pins are on one of my boards to reference & give credit.

Monday, May 25, 2015


Just gotta say...really digging this 'Jack Johnson' channel + so many others radio channel online.

Breathe deep, just a quick breath helps!

Thank you all!

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Don't get burned!

Please view our Pinterest board!
SEA if you can figure out where we're going with the upcoming post!
Enjoy the pinners photos!

Feeding your appetite for Texas BBQ & prayerfully everything else!

Saturday, May 9, 2015

Vacation begins

Originally, I planned on sharing a special post yesterday, but will need to postpone!
Today begins my very first ever vacation as a private business owner so things are just going in slow mode. We all need a break every once and and a while, so take a deep breath, maybe take a walk on the beach, and enjoy.
Every day is new! Thank God.
SEA source...

Sunday, May 3, 2015

Whether agreed or not...here's some hard core truths

These are not my words but very well written and something to pray about. A topic not often socially & acceptably addressed is usually the one that needs attention. Look for the Truth. See Choose Blessings.

Full story here...

TheShellLady@LovingCoastalLiving.com is a Christian, wife, mother, & business owner. Healed by His grace & stripes at a very costly price. Saved & forgiven in an undeserving, loving manner by Christ alone. There is a way. One way, to peace & fulfillment. Seek, & He will seek you.

Saturday, May 2, 2015

A quick BTW

Wow! Eye opening. I sincerely apologize for not seeing all y'alls comments! They were marked in spam! It'll take me a lot of time to respond to each individually, but please be diligent in your search for answers. They are out there if you seek them.
Look in The ONE True Word! The real Bible. It'll ALL take time...We all have plenty of it if we choose to make it! We're all worth it!

Don't get BURNED! A special post coming soon!

Join us this coming Friday, May 8th 2015, for a special post! You won't want to miss it! (Although some may not want to hear it!)
All about sunscreen, sunburn, relief, and the greater message!
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