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Thursday, March 31, 2011

Corpus Christi Festival of the Arts

I had a great time at the Art Show last weekend.  I really pushed myself, and am still recovering, as my illness does continue to prove very challenging, but it was worth it!  I had a blast, met some great people, made some contacts- and hopefully have opened myself up to some new ideas, and events in the future.

Here's a small gallery of pictures from the festival- it was held downtown Corpus Christi on the Bayfront.  We had gorgeous weather the first day and started off a little scary looking on Sun, but eventually the sun came out and it turned out to be another wonderful day.

I didn't get to leave my booth often, but did try to manage to get off some 'favorite picks' by other artist.

Special Thanks to my Husband, my son, Will- pictured below, for being my helper all weekend, and Carl and Carol Willis.

Friday, March 25, 2011

Lady behind the Shells update


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"LuckySeaBean: Trying to drive myself crazy getting ready for the #art show:-) set up today & open Sat & Sun. If you're in #Corpus Christi come see me"

Friday, March 11, 2011

Personal Ramblings from the Lady behind the Shells

I have learned way to quick  in the world of art, that I certainly can't make up my mind on what to tackle.  There are so many mediums  I want to tackle, so many new pieces I want to play with, its hard not to lose focus.
I am currently working on a one of a kind Oyster Vase.  It is slow, as in order to continue, I have to wait a day for each side (its 4 sided) to dry.  Once I get the four sides down, I will then work on filling in the areas between shells.   It will be a grand piece- with shades of natural oysters- black, grey, and white.
I have completed 3 new projects- one shown below- which is the driftwood heart frame.  I have not been able to list these as available as of yet.  My day gets filled with Life and its ups and downs throughout the day, and I continue to struggle everyday with my personal illness.  Sometimes I feel I have to take more 'breaks' than I do work just to make it through an entire day and not be in bed in pain by 7pm.
I have a gazillion ideas floating around in my head at all times of things I want to try.  I love working with natural found objects, but I certainly have some hidden sides of my art that haven't even been put forward.  I know I can accomplish all the ideas at some point, but a bit of impatience sets in the process.
I am also in process of opening a new venue online to buy direct.  I love Etsy, but some times I am too easily distracted by all it offers and the social portion of it.  Over the next couple months of art shows and creating, I may need to step back from Etsy and focus on my own site, and spending more time creating.

Thursday, March 10, 2011

This is Priceless!

My son, Will- he was so nervous- but did a fabulous job on his music solo.
Such a cute video, I had to share!
The mic wasn't working till mid performance- his expression was truly
beautiful when it came on!
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Still trying to figure this out...

Sorry for the weird posts with just links.  I'm trying to figure out this handy phone my dear mother purchased for me.

Working on updating the blog today and through the next week.  Look for some changes soon!