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Monday, May 28, 2012

Handcrafted Painted Mexican Folk Art Sink for Great Bathroom Interiors - Loving Coastal Living

Handcrafted Painted Mexican Folk Art Sink for Great Bathroom Interiors - Loving Coastal Living

Come Decorate with us! Stop by and visit the NEW website if you haven't already- we've expanded- and we're more than just shells!  (Yes, we still have those too!)- Check out the latest added!

NEW Home Goods Collection - Loving Coastal Living

NEW Home Goods Collection - Loving Coastal Living

Come visit our NEW section on the website!

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Friday, May 18, 2012

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Sending Mother's Day Wishes

For the new mommies to the grandmothers, wishing you all many blessings today and always. I hope you all enjoy your day. Mothers may be the only ones that fully understand all the unspoken qualities that make us all what we are. From one mother to another, thank you for the little things that make us- us! I know sacrifices, your fears and worries, your joys and triumphs. Thank you.

Saturday, May 5, 2012

A special Spring Cleaning SALE

Not often do I have a sale in my shop. So this is a special event and I want to invite you all to visit my Etsy Shop for this limited time and enjoy our BIGGEST & BEST DISCOUNTS- ever to date! Not only are the discounts the deepest I've ever offered, it comes at perfect time for Spring Decorating and Mother's Day!
Thinking of giving a facelift to your guest room, our maybe a master bath make over?  Shop now, and save on handcrafted Décor items like never before.
With the opening of our website at the beginning of the year, we have been pulling double duty between Etsy and the new site. And now with easy options to shop straight through or Facebook page, we've been support busy beavers!  Our goal is to reduce the number of items we offer on Etsy, and become more specialized and offer more through our new website. So, we need your help!  Shop our Etsy store today, and cash in on or biggest sale ever!
Here's just a few treasures offered on the sale, mention you heard about the sale from blog, and I'll even include a free gift! www.SeaShellsbySeaShore.Etsy.com