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Thursday, June 30, 2011

The Big Triple R's

What's the Big Triple R's, you ask... Recycle, Reuse, Reduce.  As many of you know from some of my previous posts, I am often haunted and distraught by the remains of trash on the beach.  I certainly realize a lot of rubbish is washed in from distance shores, but there is also a lot that is left by locals (oh my!), tourists, and fisherman (another sigh).  I know we can't control all the washed up trash and debris- but there's many things we can do in our our homes and the places we frequent through our travels. I've often thought, as I wander down the beaches of all the trash I see, how I could literally survive, if need be, on the remains of what's be left behind.  Grant it, were talking extreme survival, but it certainly would be possible.  I'm not really a fan of survival shows- but that would be a good one.  Drop off people miles away from civilization, only to survive off the debris and washed up items the sea has to offer.
Even my own family, as conscience as we try to be about the 3 R's, can and need to do more!  The 3 R's take time.  Some people don't want to mess with all that's involved with getting involved.  I hope to, in this post, to highlight some easy, but very effective ways to 'triple R'.

Learn to compost! It saves money on fertilizers and your plants will love it. Many things from household trash can safely and readily decompose and return to the soil. Composting is one of the simplest and most effective recycling methods. Both your garden cuttings and your green kitchen waste can go into an outdoor or indoor composter (with or without entertaining a population of worms). If you don't have a garden yourself, find neighbors or a community garden that can make use of your soil. Composting food scraps will mean your regular kitchen wastebasket fills up more slowly and also won't smell. Hotter, more active compost heaps can also consume tougher stuff like newspaper and paper napkins. After Christmas, many cities also have programs for turning your tree into mulch.

This great Etsy shop has some great recycled containers that were made into kitchen top canister for composting.  They also have some other great items avail.  Visit their shop here:

You can also purchase a fancy compost canister that is handmade!  Visit this great Etsy for one or search for other sellers on Etsy.
This shop, also has a great grease catcher too!  Take a look at her glazed pottery canister-

 Donate your household items to a local charity like Goodwill or Salvation Army, or schools and churches for special collection drives instead of tossing them in the trash. Lots of charities welcome your donations. Groups like Freecycle (http://www.freecycle.org/) and Recycler's Exchange (http://www.recycle.net/exchange/ ) exist to help you get rid of useful objects that you just don't want to make use of. If you're in a Craigslist city, make use of the "free stuff" section. Give away clothes that don't fit, the boxes you used in your last house move, or scented soaps that don't appeal to your sensibilities. Make it a rule in your house that nothing useable goes in the trash until you've given the community a fair shot at it.
Use rechargeable batteries and other rechargeable devices. Buy reusable quality products such as non-disposable cameras, reusable or electric razors, reusable dishes, mugs and utensils, and have your child carry lunch in a reusable lunch box with real utensils (who really likes eating off plastic silverware?). Bring your own mug to get coffee. Paper cups waste money and landfill space. Plus, bringing your own cup to local coffee houses can save you money.
Reuse totes and bags when going to the grocery store or mall – reducing the need for plastic bags. Recycle your plastic bags.  Many people (like myself and my Facebook fans) reuse their old plastic bags as trash bags.  I have had a post on this before.  They work great!  It accounts for smaller amounts of trash in your home, and less need to purchase trash bags.  Note: when using the reusable totes, always make sure to disinfect them after each use.  Especially when transporting food items like poultry, and other meats.  Even fresh veggies- depending on what type of veggies you buy, they may have some chemicals on the veggies and fruits.  Take no chances- and always disinfect.  This will also help by reducing our chances of getting ill- which in the long run will save money on doctor’s visits.
http://www.etsy.com/shop/bloomorganics?ref=pr_shop – these are at great prices!  Visit thi shop for an array of colors.

 http://www.etsy.com/shop/QwertyO?ref=top_trail – This Etsy Shop has lots of great bags.  You can rinse your veggies and fruits right in these bags, and hang them to dry!  Check out her shop for more great ideas!

 Encourage an artist If you know someone interested in making art from recycled materials, offer to provide supplies. Many school children need items like paper towel tubes for art projects. Older artists use everything from rubber bands to oven doors. If you know someone who teaches art classes, suggest that an emphasis be put on making art from trash. While you're at it, remind them to use recycled paper and biodegradable, earth-friendly glues, paints, and pencils whenever possible.
Use old calendars, colorful pictures, etc. to make your own envelopes.  Here’s one example from an Etsy shop.

This shop owner has many great ideas for recycling and reusing.  Help support her shop by visiting it online.  Let them know- ‘SeaShellsbySeaShore’ sent you!

Recycle your old magazines --give them to doctor or dentist offices, gyms or friends.
When your incandescent light burns out, replace them with low-energy compact fluorescent tubes.
This Etsy Shop has a great idea for old light bulbs!  Check out her shop here: http://www.etsy.com/people/StarRedesigns

I have a friend that uses recycled coffee cans for bird feeders.  I personally have an old, large ceramic dish take we turned into a bird bath (which also doubles as my dog’s personal watering dish outside).  We found a great cut log on the beach, and simply set the large dish on top.  Etsy also has a variety of reused items made into great bird feeders, nest makers, hummingbird feeders, etc.  Here’s one of my favorites I found.  This Etsy shop uses old hubcaps upcycled into feeders.  I often see those hubcaps on the side of the road- here’s their version.  Great idea!

They have MANY great products from windchimes, clocks, and feeders!

There are also many great ideas to collect rain water, hose water, or air conditioner condensation.  My old employer hooked up small hoses, with tiny mister attachments through the hose from the air conditioning system outside- and literally waters most of his fresh herbs, and edible flowers for the restaurant.  It also works wonderfully for home flower beds.  With a little help from your local hardware shop- they can get you in the right direction.  You’ll be super pleased with the money you save watering.  This is especially great idea for areas that have watering restrictions during the summer.
I also found this Etsy Shop that makes beautiful painted rain barrels.  These are a fabulous investment for areas that get an abundance of rain.  Not only are they beautiful, but you can save that barreled water for more drought stricken times!  Check out this listing- and direct link to their shop- http://www.etsy.com/listing/76860448/egret-rain-barrel

Did you know you can make your our patio planters by reusing natural items like rocks, shells, etc.  I have a few handmade planters.  Martha Stewart had a show on these very planters!  Here’s a link to her article- http://www.marthastewart.com/270325/how-to-make-stone-planters

I’ve made them out of barnacles (super cool!), shells, rocks, and other found objects.  Don’t feel like you can’t try any durable material.   I need heavier containers- so I used straight quick drying cement (always use a mask when using cement!)  I love the look of them, and they are some of my best planters!

Styrofoam doesn’t degrade. Find a substitute, if possible. Don't buy styrofoam peanut packaging - but if some comes your way - reuse it! Here’s what one FB fan had to say about it! 'We have completely reduced using styrofoam to zero. We do not use styrofoam plates or cups and won't buy anything that comes in styrofoam.' 
Reduce paper and ink -- print double side and black and white. If you can’t find a way to reuse or donate it- Recycle all your Paper (i.e.: junk mail, boxes, magazines, envelopes, food boxes), Bottles and Cans (aluminum, glass, metal, and plastic).
There are a number of non-profit organizations that will take computer parts and turn them into working computers for others. Other groups will gladly recycle your cell phone or give it to a senior citizen, I love that one- cell phones will always make emergency calls (even without a contract!). Many families now do not have a home phone.  Keep an old cell phone charged and ready- if for some reason you can’t get to your phone- even a small child can dial 911 on the ‘emergency only’ cell phone.  Keep it handy and in the same spot always to avoid confusion.  If you have a major appliance that doesn't work and you'd rather replace it than try to fix it, offer it to local repair shops, trade schools, or hobbyists to tinker with.
Buy local products – it cuts down on fuel to transport and supports our local community.  Support local farmer’s markets- you’ll love the difference, and in most cases value!  Any lover of tomatoes can tell you- homegrown is always better!  It goes for many of the products you buy from them.  Visit craft and art fairs for memorable gift options for yourself and for others.  Most people appreciate something made by a local (or non local) artist or ‘grandma crafter’ much more than you’d expect.  I love supporting churches, and other groups local events.  Many are for a great cause- and you can get some fabulous deals from their garage sales, to good old fashioned crafts.  Get your children involved too- kids have blast at shows, shops, and places they can take $5 and buy a handful of goodies.  Many farmer’s market offer a great solution to cut flowers too.  I love fresh flowers, and they really go a long way to uplifting spirits in the home. 

Do your weekly shopping in a single trip to save on gas- and if possible buy in bulk.  I know it doesn’t always fit everyone’s budget, but in the long run it’ll save you money. Buy products with little or no packaging and buying the largest size you can use. (This not only saves the amount of materials being thrown into trash or recycling cans, but also saves money!) Be part of the recycling loop – purchase only items made from recycled materials.

Hang out clean laundry to dry on clear days rather than tumble drying it.  That always brings back fond memories for me.  First of all, I am not that old, BUT- I remember as a child having to use our old ‘washing machine’.  It had a built in wringer on top, and a washboard to scrub.  All the thing did was agitate.  We hang dried all of our clothes, and blankets. Boy, I wish I had that old thing!  Never thought in a million years, I would someday consider it cool!

You know, I could continue this post on for pages and pages.  Maybe we’ll do a follow up post will more great ideas.  Just keep this in mind- get creative, buy creative, and support creavtive when you think of using those 3 R’s.  Get your family involved too.  Once you start to master some good recycling traits- spread the word to local schools, churches, and other groups.  You’d be amazed some of the reasons I have heard why people don’t use the 3 R’s.  Some people think it’s just too much work, costs too much money, or takes too much time.  Maybe some ideas won’t work for everyone- but believe me- there is a way to make it work.  And, if done continuously, it will save you money, time, and work!  Visit Etsy, and other sources like Artfire, or Ebay- and type search words of the 3 R’s.  There are so many great creative ideas- and with some simple searches- you’ll find great ideas that work for you.

Monday, June 27, 2011

While I was swimming in your sea, Lord...

As I dipped below your waters today, I came to realize the simplicity of it all. You come to know you are at peace at times like this. You stand on the vast beaches & endless water line and feel the amazing tranquility that surrounds you. 
I have learned through some rough experiences with my illness that it's the small things that matter. The sound of the waves, the refreshing waters that flow over your body,  & the wind against your cheeks.
I look forward to the time when the kids are grown & my husband and I give up the need to be in one place. Don't get me wrong, I want to enjoy every minute my children are with me while their young, but the need to live a simple life with maybe a truck and an old trailer seem just right around the corner. With little possessions in hand, I look forward to enjoy Your beauty, Lord.
I hope you all have something you look forward to...

**The photos below are mobile uploads,  so they were captured at the time I was on the beach. I'm sure they are blurry - but it was 'in the moment '

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Trip way down the beach...

Recently my family and I decided to drive far down the Padre Island National Seashore- miles down, where no one, or nothing was in sight.  The changes you see along the way are priceless.  Raw nature at its best.  There are no bulldozers, no cleanup, and no 'man sculpted' dunes.  Just nature, taking care of nature.  We always take a couple large yard cleanup trash bags with us, to help mother nature out.  The array of man's trash clutter some areas of the beach, which almost makes my stomach turn at times.  Some trash is understandable, I too have lost an occasional item or two to the wind, but most was totally preventable.  Once we fill our bags, we spend some good family time together on the beach.  If you travel down the beach far enough, you will come to an area that states 'No cars or trucks without 4x4 past this point'- that's where we want to be!  Only fisherman, and hard core beach lovers go that far.  There are two 'named' areas that far down.  The first is 'Little Shell', and second, 'Big Shell'.  Our travels that day will not take us as far as 'Big Shell' unfortunately, but we do make it to "Little Shell".

That's where we spend our time gathering sand dollars, picking up sea glass (and regular glass at that matter), and gathering the small shells that are scattered EVERYWHERE!  There are some areas of the beach where the sand has been replaced with what we like to call 'Shell Sand'.  You can dig nearly a foot down from the surface of the beach, and it is pure little shells.  Oh, how lovely and vibrant they are.

Most people that are shell hunting forget these little fellows on the regular areas of the beach, but here- they are hard to resist.  The colors are so much more vibrant, and many of the shells, big and small, are super smooth and worn down from the mix of waves and sand.  There are beautiful shades of oranges, yellows, olives, purple, etc.  It seems as the shell is worn down, smoother and smoother by the sea, the true colors of the shell come out.
We continue to gather the small shells keeping in mind the gorgeous jewelry and projects we will use them for.  We then take out buckets and gather buckets full of the random 'shell sand' along the beach.  Millions of tiny shells in one bucket full.

I will be introducing very soon to my shop, just that.  Small bags of shell sand for your own decorating ideas.  Endless possibilities- cleaned and ready for you! Here's a snapshot of these cool candle holders with the shell sand I will also be listing.  The candle holders are vintage shrimp, or crab chiller dishes.  Normally ice goes in the bottom (where I have the shells), and the shrimp inside the top dish.  I have turned these little dishes into great little shell sand, beachy, candle holders!  Each holder will come with its own bag of shell sand for you to fill.  They can be reused and filled with anything else you might want to use for decoration.

I have a total of 15 of these candle holders, they would be perfect for weddings, or luncheons.  I will be listing them soon, but you can always contact me beforehand, if you are interested in adding the candle holders to your event.

Monday, June 20, 2011

It is My Honor to Welcome SingingHeartJewelry from Etsy

Tell us a little about yourself, shop or selling venues.

I love collecting little treasures, especially from the sea – shells, sea glass, bleached bones, and combining them with beads and other goodies with which I make jewelry.  I’m a bit of a recluse, so I really enjoy the opportunity Etsy offers me to sell my baubles, and also the wonderful community of fellow artists.

 Chunky Necklace March 2011

What are some things that bring you joy or inspire you? 

So many things inspire me and bring me joy.  I could go on and on, but here are a few… sunshine, music, unique art, non-conformists, poetry, color, courageous survivors who tell their stories, my 19-yr-old cat Arnold, my relationship with my sweetheart, life and the human capacity to overcome terrible hardships and find inspiration, hope and joy, the baboon families that come to visit us, travel and different cultures, my mom and close friends…and so much more.

How long have you been creating, and why did you begin?

I think for those of us who are creative, it’s innate - we’ve always done it.  It’s as if we have no choice, we have to do it.  If we don’t, we suffer in some way, whether it’s our health, or just in how we feel – our souls, our lives.  My mother (www.allyarncreations.etsy.com) is an extremely creative person, and I take after her in many ways.  There seem to be different times in my life for my creative loves – I love to draw – putting on paint-stained clothes and getting my hands black from rubbing charcoal on paper is wonderful, or painting on canvas with oils, a paintbrush in each hand and one held in my teeth…writing is also a love of mine, both poetry and prose.  So many other things… but jewelry…I’ve created jewelry, off and on, and of different kinds, for many, many years.     

What are some of your favorites (websites, materials, foods, books, other people’s work, etc.)

I’m a childhood sexual abuse survivor and when I was fifteen, I ran away and survived a year and a half with a terribly abusive person (of which I’m writing a memoir).  Much of what I like in other people’s work has to do with surviving abuse, but most especially, with healing; being able to learn again how to create, love, trust and fully live.  Etsy’s Robin Wade’s work touches me deeply (http://www.etsy.com/shop/robinwade?ref=seller_info)

I love books and movies.  A couple of my favorite movies are “Out of Africa” and “Life is Beautiful”.  I’m drawn to non-fiction books in which people have lived and survived hardships, and are able, in spite of (and even at times, possibly because of) it all, still thrive and find meaning and even happiness in life.  “The Glass Castle”, by Jeannette Walls is a favorite, as is “Running with Scissors” by Augusten Burroughs, who was able to write with such humor about his seriously messed up childhood, I laughed out loud.  I cheer these people on.  I also loved the book “Under the Tuscan Sun” and non-fiction books about travel.  Some of my favorite writing is from a friend I share a blog with, Candy Bonello (www.writersblogs.wordpress.com).  I wish she’d put her stories into a book.  It would be one of my favorites!

Where do you live, and do you hope to live elsewhere?

I’m American, but I currently live at the southern most tip of Africa.  We’ve built a house in Betty’s Bay, South Africa, at the foot of the Kogelberg Mountains with distant views of the sea.  Betty’s Bay is located in a nature reserve, and is a magical place, with long stretches of breathtaking beaches.  One of three colonies of South African penguins lives here, as does the only herd of wild horses.  We have regular visits from baboons, and we once heard a leopard cry out in the mountain above us.  The beaches are some of the most beautiful that I’ve ever seen – they’re where I find the treasures that I make into jewelry.

I can’t say that I hope to live elsewhere, but who knows?  I never could have known that I’d live in Africa.  I think life sometimes takes you in directions that you don’t expect.  I have a wanderlust soul, and I sometimes long for a more tropical, lush-green, warm-sea place, where the breezes are calm.  I can imagine living in a place that offers that.  Where in the world it would be?  I don’t know, but I’m open.

What are some of your short term and long term goals overall.

I don’t know if these are considered goals, but here are some things I’d love to do…buy a Land Rover and spend months driving up into Africa with my husband - to Ghana for their beautiful glass beads and Ethiopia for their silver prayer beads…possibly to write about the trip.  Finish my memoir and have it published by a huge publishing company!  I’d like one day to know that I’ve helped others somehow, especially having to do with abuse – to help spread the word about the healing power of telling one’s secret.  To continue creating jewelry and other art, and to continue loving life, growing and learning.

You can Find SingingHeartJewelry on Etsy
and on Facebook

Thank you so much for sharing your amazing journey and story with us.

**We are now taking requests for July 2011 Featured Artist Spots here on the Blog- if you are an artist that would like to be featured, or know one you'd like to see featured- please contact Lynnette 

Monday, June 13, 2011

We're Happy to Present BlueStarfishStudio!

Tell us a little about yourself, shop or selling venues.

I am a happy mom to two fabulous little girls and wife to a great husband! I am so inspired by the sea and its creatures and wanted to combine those passions with soft organic cotton that children can really “live” in. My Etsy shop opened early this year and it’s been a great journey so far, reaching out and discovering other artists. I also have a Facebook page and a website.

In my “spare” time (what is that?!) I love gardening, training for triathlons, baking, reading and playing with the family!

What are some things that bring you joy or inspire you?

My greatest joy is the first warm, soft hug from both of my little daughters in the morning! They inspired me to create ultra soft, comfortable organic tees..something to really LIVE in!
The ever changing colors of the ocean, collecting unique seashells on our trips, clouds, running in the early dawn, a soft rain, beautiful gardens, smooth pebbles and driftwood, mushrooms in the forest……I could go on forever! These things all bring me great joy and inspiration.

Do you work outside the home, or are you self employed?

I create all my organic clothing designs from our little beachy home. 
I also juggle another creative career that I love: hairdresser! (love to play with COLOR!)

How long have you been creating, and why did you begin?

I have been creating something for as long as I can remember. I don’t know how to function if my hands are not creating something beautiful, meaningful or useful. This world is so full of beauty, color and life, sometimes I am completely overwhelmed by it. I just BREATHE and try to let it flow through me and use some of it to make others as happy as I feel.

What are some of your favorites (websites, materials, foods, books, other people’s work, etc.)

I love working with beautiful paint, gorgeous shells (I have  a huge collection!) , lovely paper, and soft fabrics. I will eat just about anything but love good, clean food. One of my favorite Etsy artists is Mae Chevrette. Her work is full of inspiration and beauty.
Pinterest is my newest obsession for websites as it is FULL of ideas and beautiful things!

Where do you live, and do you hope to live elsewhere?

I live in sunny South Florida where I am constantly inspired by the breathtaking weather, colors, and gifts of the sea. I moved here 13 years ago from Anchorage, Alaska and still have a passion for amazing beach pebbles, cloudy skies and forests!

Do you have a religious or spiritual background?

I am a Christian and I thank God every day for just so many blessings and the gift of creativity and passion He has given me!

Thanks Susie for sharing!  You have fabulous product and I wish you all the successes of business!

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Favorite Tropical Plants

Here at my home on the island,  I have a variety of tropical and succulent plants.  I enjoy them all.  I love my beautiful plumeria, and my mystery Hawaiian plant.

I bought my mystery plant from an estate sale quite a while ago.  They had given me the name, but I have since lost it.  It is amazing.  It produces large seed pods, which I have collected and have on my window sill in my kitchen.  It has produces the most beautiful fragrance white flowers.  It has grown to an enormous size of over 12 feet tall.  It is a vine, and is just amazing in general.  This is a bad pic, but it does show the flowers and one of the pods.  I would love if you all could help me identity it.  I have sprouted one baby plant, and look forward to growing more with the many seeds from my collection of pods.

I also love this plant, again, I have no idea what it is.  It is not growing here at my home, but I found it nearby. I would love to add this beauty to my plants.  The leaves are somewhat velvety, and rubberlike at the same time.  It is really cool as well.

I have a variety of others, but these are just a couple of my favs.  I would love to get some input on some of your favorites, and suggestions for my garden.  I have found that the salt air, and windy conditions here where I live, is rough on typical, more widely used plants you would find inland.  I have a mission to create a tropical paradise at my home. 

Saturday, June 11, 2011

People watching...

My kids always laugh at me because I love watching people, especially children.  We are a funny breed.  
Today, my neighbors let someone use their beach house.  As I sat on my patio relaxing and overlooking the water, I had to lift my head to watch them for a bit.  They were all so cute.  Their obviously not from the coast, but were in awe of its beauty.  The kids gathered some fishing poles, and asked to go fishing.  The adults have probably never fished in salt water.  As I watched them put on some little lures and fake worms, I found it so innocent and brought me back to when I was a kid.  The kids 'learned' how to cast out after several times of almost hooking their parents, and were finally off to catch the big one.
Here in the waters by my house we have lots of mullets.  They jump out of the water- a lot.  They eat algae, but are not are something that will actually take bait.  The kids (and adults) were in amazement of all the mullet jumping and would could screech and move their lines to where the mullets had been jumping.  
The kids then noticed they could actually see fish down below by the dock.  Wow, it was so funny watching them try get those fish!  Most were just little piggy perch, or things we used for bait, but they thought they had found the mother load of all.  Every once in a while one of the little bait fish would nibble and tug at their lines.  The kids were ecstatic.  
It was so much fun watching them, and hearing the roars of excitement.  
I love seeing great reminders of fun times like this family was having.  It brings back memories with my kids, places we've been the tourist and how funny we must have seemed to all the locals.

Monday, June 6, 2011

Please welcome Charlotte from Spice Grove Designs

Tell us a little about yourself, shop or selling venues.
Hello! I'm Charlotte, and I love finding and showing off the beauty that naturally occurs in this wonderful world God has given us.  I enjoy repurposing/recycling items that no one has any use for anymore into something beautiful and one of a kind.  Most of my designs include spices or natural items used in a unique way, most of the time adding a lovely scent to the design as well!!
 Cinnamon Stick Coaster

I enjoy meeting people at craft fairs and art shows also!! Let me know if you are interested in where you can see my products in person. I always welcome feedback!!  I am an army wife to a wonderfully supportive husband and mother of one sweet daughter and one oldish pup. All three are sources of daily inspiration in various crafts. In fact my 5 year old and I are currently teaming up to create some fun decor and accessories for your kids enjoyment!!  I've recently added a new knitting section with some gorgeous colors.
Coffee Cup

Here is a testimony from a recent customer!

"I can see early shopping all year for all the holidays for the one of a kind gifts & beautifully made!" -Ms. L

Find me at:
Etsy: http://www.etsy.com/SpiceGroveDesigns
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/spicegrovedesigns
Twitter: @SpiceGroveDesig
Email: spicegrovedesigns@gmail.com
Website: spicegrovedesigns.com
 Springtime Blue Topiary 

What are some things that bring you joy or inspire you?

I love nature and the outdoors.  I love going on ‘treasure’ hunts in the forest with my 5 year old and hearing about the world through her eyes and ears!  I love the joy that can be found all around us!  Music is another thing that moves me deeply.  I was a professional musician for many years and my crafting is a seamless extension of that creativity. 
 Flowers of Spring Wreath

Do you work outside the home, or are you self employed? 
Since we just moved again, I’m working from home on my Etsy shop as well as going to many craft shows and fairs.  My daughter loves sitting next to me with her own “creations” and giving me advice!  J

How long have you been creating, and why did you begin?
Recycled Framed Spice Art

I have been creating, designing and crafting my whole life.  It first started as a way to make unique, one of a kind gifts for family and friends.  I love designing unusual things out of the ‘ordinary.’  I get excited to find ‘useful’ items in a recycle bin or garage sale that no one wants and making them beautiful and useful again!  I am excited to bring you my little store and items that have been lovingly made for you!

What are some of your favorites (websites, materials, foods, books, other people’s work, etc.)
            I love to look at and admire many other artists, in many other mediums, especially those that use natural products or recycled products in their designs.  There are sooo many talented people out there!!

Where do you live, and do you hope to live elsewhere?
            Since my hubby is active duty army, we move where we are told!  J  But right now we are in the beautiful Hudson Valley at West Point, NY!
Spring Blossoms Shadowbox 
Spring Blossoms Shadow Box

What are some of your short term and long term goals overall.
            I suppose my short term goals would be to really get my Etsy shop noticed and going so that I can continue to work from home, while bringing beauty to people’s lives in unique ways.  My long term goal would be to grow as a crafter and person and be able to use my profits to donate to others like World Vision.

What is your most treasured possession, and why? 
My faith and my family.  They are the reason I get up every morning!!
  Patriotic Shadowbox with  2 Chronicles 7:14  "if my people will humble themselves and pray..."         

                    Patriotic Shadowbox with 2 Chronicles 7:14 

Do you have a religious or spiritual background?
            Yep! J  I  love the Lord and this amazing life He’s blessed me with.  I rely on His grace and mercy daily to try to be a more loving and compassionate person.  I love how He has used this crafting experience to grow my faith and to tell others about His love. 

SeaShellsbySeaShore features a NEW artist every Monday.  Join us throughout the week for fun and informational posts until then.  If you are interested in being a featured artist, please contact us HERE

Thank you Charlotte for letting us get to know you a little more- you have inspiring work.