You all know, being a mom is hard.  I often sit back and think, 'What if I just didn't do anything for one week', well we all know what that would be like- piles of dirty laundry, dishes, dirty floors, starving pets, and the list could go on and on...

Sometimes I feel like banging my head up against the wall with all the 'forgotten and for granted' things Moms all do. These days moms are even more multi tasking than before.  Not only are we expected to bring in money, either outside the home, or by having things like eBay stores, or Etsy shops, but we are also today’s, taxis, pot and bottle washers, Mrs. Fix It, etc.
Society today puts high expectations on all of us as well as our families 'expectations'- maybe not spoken duties, but they're there.

With Valentines Day right around the corner- I want to say 'thank you' and 'you're appreciated' to all the Moms out there today!  Each one of us are raising and sculpting our future leaders- whether it be by keep them clean and tidy, or listening to the latest drama at school.  Hats off to you all!  I need everyone to know, that's all Moms understand that even though our efforts may go unnoticed in the present- that what we do today, will impact our little ones- just think of how many times you said- 'My Grandfather,  or My Mom used to...'  I have come to understand lately that if the only reason I was put on this earth was to be the Mom I am to my loving (and sometimes unloving) children, that I'm game with that.  Children are amazing- when you really sit and think about your childhood, your children and others children- they are truly AMAZING.

So, for all my MOMS- I would like to send everyone a jpg. Original photo of my writings in the sand- Just let me know which one you'd like and send your choice to I either have a simple HEART in sand, or the word BELIEVE.
Print it, use it as your background on the computer, send it to a fellow Mom-- it’s my gift to you!

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