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Friday, March 11, 2011

Personal Ramblings from the Lady behind the Shells

I have learned way to quick  in the world of art, that I certainly can't make up my mind on what to tackle.  There are so many mediums  I want to tackle, so many new pieces I want to play with, its hard not to lose focus.
I am currently working on a one of a kind Oyster Vase.  It is slow, as in order to continue, I have to wait a day for each side (its 4 sided) to dry.  Once I get the four sides down, I will then work on filling in the areas between shells.   It will be a grand piece- with shades of natural oysters- black, grey, and white.
I have completed 3 new projects- one shown below- which is the driftwood heart frame.  I have not been able to list these as available as of yet.  My day gets filled with Life and its ups and downs throughout the day, and I continue to struggle everyday with my personal illness.  Sometimes I feel I have to take more 'breaks' than I do work just to make it through an entire day and not be in bed in pain by 7pm.
I have a gazillion ideas floating around in my head at all times of things I want to try.  I love working with natural found objects, but I certainly have some hidden sides of my art that haven't even been put forward.  I know I can accomplish all the ideas at some point, but a bit of impatience sets in the process.
I am also in process of opening a new venue online to buy direct.  I love Etsy, but some times I am too easily distracted by all it offers and the social portion of it.  Over the next couple months of art shows and creating, I may need to step back from Etsy and focus on my own site, and spending more time creating.

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