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Sunday, June 12, 2011

Favorite Tropical Plants

Here at my home on the island,  I have a variety of tropical and succulent plants.  I enjoy them all.  I love my beautiful plumeria, and my mystery Hawaiian plant.

I bought my mystery plant from an estate sale quite a while ago.  They had given me the name, but I have since lost it.  It is amazing.  It produces large seed pods, which I have collected and have on my window sill in my kitchen.  It has produces the most beautiful fragrance white flowers.  It has grown to an enormous size of over 12 feet tall.  It is a vine, and is just amazing in general.  This is a bad pic, but it does show the flowers and one of the pods.  I would love if you all could help me identity it.  I have sprouted one baby plant, and look forward to growing more with the many seeds from my collection of pods.

I also love this plant, again, I have no idea what it is.  It is not growing here at my home, but I found it nearby. I would love to add this beauty to my plants.  The leaves are somewhat velvety, and rubberlike at the same time.  It is really cool as well.

I have a variety of others, but these are just a couple of my favs.  I would love to get some input on some of your favorites, and suggestions for my garden.  I have found that the salt air, and windy conditions here where I live, is rough on typical, more widely used plants you would find inland.  I have a mission to create a tropical paradise at my home. 

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  1. Oh Yah!
    Thanks to a twitter follower, my plant has been identified! The white flowered plant is called Stephanotis. Here's a little about it! http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Stephanotis