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Sunday, October 23, 2011

Feedback please...

I have been deliberating long and hard the fate of my second shop www.beachbumbeauties.etsy.com. I have nearly liquidated everything from the store. My original plan was to close the shop, and combine everything with my main Seashellsbyseashore shop. I have found they have such a similar theme I was actually taking away from sales. Then I decided I would redesign the shop. I initially thought I could create one vintage shop- & discontinue vintage from seashellsbyseashore. However, now again second guessing myself, because it would literally be like starting a new shop from scratch.
As a shopper, would you find it easier to have one large shop, or separate shops- one coastal, & one vintage?
Also I wanted to create a supplies shop or section. As an artist, it is so much easier for me to buy supplies online rather than devoting an entire day running around from store to store wasting time I could spend creating. The thought of having 2 our even 3 stores sound dreadful to me trying to keep everything  active.
So, I'm taking it to y'all for advice. Please share your input with me. The seashellsbyseashore store is well established, with many active stats.


  1. I think one shop, to me it seems easier!
    Stay with the established shop since you have a customer base there.

  2. Thanks dear for the comment, I'm still debating. As of now I have it set up to do 2 shops. I'm going to watch over the stats closer & see what comes. I've only added a handful of items to beach bums, which can easily be moved. It certainly would be easier to just focus on one shop. Still hoping for more feedback.

  3. I also have a etsy shop www.stuffbykim.etsy.com and I cannot imagine trying to keep up with more than one shop. So my advice is one shop and give it all you got!