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Monday, December 5, 2011

Sea glass & sea shells

Two of my favorites! Just a quick mobile post to share a picture of a custom frame I just completed. I'm thinking of possibly carrying a small line of various frames like this, & just needed y'all to give a bit of feedback. This was in an 8x10, & I handpainted it in a special mix of white with just a tad bit of ivory highlights then added shades of blue & clear sea glass, and beautiful mix of white shells, sand dollars, & finger starfish. Not to mention a little love :)
For cost purposes, the sea glass is hand tumbled, but I may even give the option of real, sea tumbled glass in the future. We'll see, I have a lovely collection of sea glass, that honestly, I have been pretty greedy with sharing in my art.
Well, hope yall are having a blessed day, I'm going to try & do the same. Staying in a spirit of thanks, no matter what comes my way!

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