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Friday, January 28, 2011

Hello All!
Writing to say I have accomplished to post 3 new items today!  Big milestone, as it has been nearly impossible for me to just sit and type as my hands have been so sore from my illness.  Plus last night, I was able to get 2 new items on- yippee!
One of my newest listings is a fabulous Conch Shell Horn.  What a fun blow horn.  Perfect for the most unique 'Mom Call' on the block- perfect for gifts, sporting events, and just all over fun.  Bring the sounds of the island home today.  For $20 plus shipping- these babies are a barrel of laughs for the whole family.
I also posted a few of my new vintage finds- a great wicker basket purse or sewing or knitting caddy, a cool Frog Teapot/coffee set, and a beautiful vintage bottle.  I also posted another loose shell for your decorating pleasure.  Its a nice large size Oyster/Clam Shell- endless possibilities!
I am also updating my illness- Today is Better than yesterday-not perfect by any means, but better.
Did some serious praying last night, and continue to turn all the trials and tribulation over to God.  Accepting help from my family- and my husband stepped up and practically read my mind on things that have been heavy on my mind.  So today, and everyday- GOD IS GOOD.
Stop by my shop to see the new items- and if all goes well, I hope to get maybe 2 more items on this afternoon.

Conch Shell-
Oyster Shell-
Basket Caddy
Decorative Glass Bottle-
Frog Teapot

Here's a pic of the best two men in my life!


  1. Hi, I am new member of TEAM CAC. I love your blog. I have added you to my prayer list. I have fibromyalgia and have slowed down a lot this past year too. my etsy shop is twinmountainpottery and my blog is twinmountainpottery.blogspot.com although when I follow someone it shows as parandajet.

  2. Thank you and welcome to my blog! I will bookmark your blog and visit you on Etsy. Many Blessings- I pray God will cover you in His favor and give you more good days.