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Thursday, January 27, 2011

Taking a Back Seat

Well, the time is upon me, where I need to slow down.
My illness is progressing, and with that, I need to sit back and just let God do some work in my family, myself, my home, finances, and of course my Etsy shop.  Its becoming harder from me to do the little things, that a month ago came pretty easy.  Since the beginning of April, I have slowly had to let go of 'responsibilities', and now the time has come where I just need to focus on God and let him work His hand at all of this.  As much as it burns me up that I can't do a lot of things already, I'm learning the hard way that most of my good days are few and fair between.  I need to sit back and enjoy my family, and learn to count on them for more.  My Etsy Shop will remain open, although I will probably not be frequenting BNR's or other promos I once was doing.  It has become a chore to even list new items.  My oldest daughter will help me continue to upkeep the shop online.  Where to go from here with my artwork? Well, I am going to start some outside sales locally, and focus on maybe doing an arts and craft show periodically.  With the help of my family and friends, I think trying some shows once in a while, will hopefully pay off for some immediate sales (because the money if certainly needed), and hopefully spread some news about what I already have going on Etsy.  I have also decided to open and supplies shop on Etsy, thus creating some simple, but hopefully profitable listings.  The excess details that go into my current shop can be draining on me.  I hope with some simple, needed supplies for Etsy Friends, I will be able to produce some revenue with less time at the computer promoting my artwork, and the detailed work involved.
I need to focus on God, and open myself up to receiving His ultimate plan and wisdom.  House chores, Etsy, managing our money (what we have), and trying to keep 3 little ones happy and healthy is a lot of work.  I'm going to have to learn really quick to let God, and others through Him to help me.  My husband is more than supportive in every possible way, and I need to let him take charge of our household.
I ask you all to pray for divine wisdom for my husband, and complete healing in my body.


  1. Don't worry about the little things in life. Everything will work out in the end. Remember, that your sister loves you very much and will be there to help soon enough. I can't wait to SLOWLY walk on the beach with you, each of us helping eachother and lifting each ones spirits.

  2. Thanks Shelly, I can't wait till you're here. Matthew was just talking last night about the two of us teaming up in 'business'- and that maybe we could use your 'good parts' and mine to make one complete team! I am also so excited that I get to watch your children grow. Life's looking up just knowing ya'll will be around soon.