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Monday, July 11, 2011

Newest Featured Artist- 220miles

I am a self employed, work at home, mum to three young children, educated and worked in fashion design in the UK and abroad. 220miles in a new venture for me, starting on Etsy while developing my own website. Hoping to sell mainly on line and in art galleries and great little shops every were.
I have as long as I can remember been creative and so always creating. I am fashion based but do create interiors for my own home.

I am entirely inspired by raw, untamed nature. Flowers are really pretty but I think jewellery needs something new. Each 220miles object is inspired by and handmade in the North East of England, by the coast were I live.I have lived in Australia and loved it but there really is no place like home.....

My design process starts with sketches and then moves to producing prototypes. A three-dimensionally modelled design is made by hand,which produces a natural shape, finger smoothed, never straight lines. This keeps an fluid, natural, more tactile design.The design process is never ending and allows huge scope for creativity and means the designs are always fresh and entirely unique.I really want 220miles to be nothing like the mass produced, production line jewellery made from cheap toxic plastic in factories. Why have something that is impersonal and uniform? I like to think of my work as, art designed to be worn.

Every object is cast using a solvent free, water based resin. I really believe every human being should do their bit not to damage our earth any further. Neither the earth nor our bodies need any more harmful chemicals. 

So why 220miles? 

The name is, in a literal sense, the distance from you to well, nothing, upwards, to the edge of space, no matter who or were on earth you are. 

I am really pleased to have found Etsy, it's a great website to explore other peoples talents. As I have said, I am inspired by nature around me but I also find inspiration in art. Modern art especially, from paintings to sculpture. Galleries and art books are my places to chill out.
What is your most treasured possession, and why? It has to be my family first of all, them my sketch books and photos I have collected that amount to my life in images. With out them just just memories.
Hope this is every thing that helps you know me a little better, thanks for everything. I am working on my website (www.220miles.co.uk)

Thanks Ali, for sharing a bit about your unique art form.  We wish you success! You can visit her Etsy Shop here- www.220miles.etsy.com

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