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Sunday, July 17, 2011

Tropical Wedding Ideas- Bringing the Beach Inland!

Dying for that beach wedding, but it just doesn't fit in the budget?  Whether the arrangements for your guests travels are hanging you up, or the simple thought of dealing with the sand, wind, or heat doesn't just add up well for the beach wedding you imagined- try moving it Pool-side, and bringing the beach to you!

Here's some cool ideas:
Simple decorations to spice up the location!

Add shell wreaths to any archway!

Add more Shell Wreaths to the Bride and Grooms chairs

Simple Sliced Shell Napkin Rings, and Pretty Sand Votive with starfish

Make the Cake Table a Centerpiece of Luscious Shell Decor!

Simple Starfish Ring Bearer 'Pillow' (no pillow needed)

Pool side locations have their advantages-
Many Country Club or Private Pools have Handicap Facilities for guests needing assistance
Ample Parking
Inside (air conditioned) facilities to cool off
Set up can take place hours or even days before without the worries of the elements
Some facilities have rental for chairs and tables available on site
Save the rental for the reception hall- and have it all in one place!
You can save the beach for your honeymoon

Cinnamon Shores is a Beach Side Community nearby in Port Aransas.  I have personally been to this location, and the entire master community is amazing.  I recommend anyone traveling to the area to stop by and see for yourself!

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