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Friday, August 5, 2011

Balancing Your Home in Living Color

We all have a favorite color, or two; but what do those colors and others do for you when used in your homes?  Most people experience and array of feelings towards color- and whether you're painting an entire room, or adding colorful accents around you home- here's a quick tour of the hidden feelings around colors.  Different shades and tones of color can certainly have a different effect from one another, but whether you're shooting for vibrant or muted colors- this will help you put the right foot forward to expand your decorating ideas throughout your home.

I'm starting with one of my personal favorites in decorating madness- Blue.  Blue is a constant in life- the sky is blue, and the ocean as well.  That means we can count on the color to be true and stable.  I've found it to be calm and relaxing- just like sitting on a warm beach, as I stare off where the sky meets the sea.  It aids intuition and various shades can be fresh and full of energy.  Like a splash of aqua in a room of neutrals- it it full of energy.  While darker shades can be most intense and dramatic.
Green represents life, nature, and health.  Its a sign of renewal, and peace but also is refreshing and relaxes you mentally.  Did you know it can also bring positive thoughts and prosperity.  Use it in your office or your master bathroom to simulate and prepare you for a successful day.

 Yellow is simulating, and full of spirit.  Like the color of the sun it creates positive attitude and promotes creativeness and imagination.  Use it in the kitchen so its a great start to you day.  I have always loved those retro 'Happy Face' round coffee mugs- I have several, and it serves as a fabulous pick me up!
Orange stimulates activity and excitability. Tone it down as rusts, and terra cotta colors for a natural, warmness around your home.  It will be inviting and constructive- use it in entryways to set the tone for yourself and your guests with a warm, natural feeling.  I prefer the more vibrant but muted tones of orange- use it in your laundry room or hallways.
Red is also stimulating but also is passionate, sexy, and bold.  Splash it in bedrooms as accents to promote love.  Use in bedrooms with caution though, because too much could also stimulate anger and rage.  I personally love throwing some red all around the home- it shows my more boisterous side of me.
Another of my newest favs, is purple.  It makes me feel warm and fuzzy inside.  It's mysterious and uplifting, and youthful.  Purple is the number one shade besides pink of little girls.  Deeper shades remind me of loyalty- which represents my family very well.  I am new to using this color really, but am really enjoy the soft, and subtle feelings it brings out.  Nice throw blankets and pillow make perfect additions in any home or bedroom.
Brown is bold and earthy, and organic.  Its warm tones in various shades brings traditional to mind.  Whether your making a statement with a wall painted dark brown, or using soft tones of neutral shades- brown is simply a classic.
White is pure and crisp.  It promotes clarity while it's and fresh and clean.  Although white is technically not a colors use it in areas of your home you need to bring simplicity. I love using it as trim on dark walls, and you just can't go wrong with fresh, clean linens and clothing. 
Grey is calm and serene.  Its a perfect neutral color that brings peace- like fog coming in rocky cliff by the sea.
Black is authoritative and bold.  It produces strong emotions if used too much, but use it where you need dominance in your life.
Lastly, pink.  Again, warm and fuzzy- oolala.  I think of fun times with cotton candy, and flurry sun tinged clouds.  It's a perfect sensitive and feminine color.  It makes a lovely accent color, while I've seen lots of pastels like pink used in beach homes.  It just makes you feel good!

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