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Saturday, August 13, 2011

Focusing on the things I am Loving...

With an overwhelming amount of things going on in my personal life right now, I've decided to focus on the Things that I am Loving, instead of dwelling on the craziness that surrounds me. My stress level is to its max, so this post with hopefully bring inspiration to others possibly in similar situations.  So, here's some things I'm loving today...

I love trees that don't grow straight.  It may sound silly, but I just love looking at their twisted and crooked branches.  A natural beauty.
I love linen skirts, white cozy pants, or other bottoms!  
Subtle touches of pink, aqua, and lavender.

I love the way the sun touches through the clouds, and how the moon illuminates the dark, night sky.
I love warm sand between my toes, and being on the beach with my family.
A lovely Asian, veggie stir fry.
I love the Sunset over the Laguna.
I love working in my pj's.
I love fishing with my son...
I also love Lush, Tropical Plants.

I love birds at play on the beach.
And finally, probably my favorite of all...my children laughing.

1 comment:

  1. How nice to see all the things you love, what a lovely post!