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Wednesday, January 4, 2012


Wow! So far the New Year had been full of fabulous blessings, I hope yours is the same.
I was the lucky recipient of two Klins. One full size older model, a Duncan,  and a small sized, Quick Fire,  that's practically new. I am so excited to have this opportunity to try something new. I need to have an Outlet installed for the larger one,  but want to get started on the small one asap. I am looking for advice on the best potters Clay for molding, and small sculpture pieces. I also want to play with some fused glass, and would appreciate a quick 101 course for light weights like me.
A generous older woman gave both Klins to me.  I meet her at an at show over the Holidays,  and our talks lead up to the kind donations. What an awesome gift.
I also want top invite everyone to tune in to my Facebook page each day for the continuation of my New Years RESOLUTION. I had so many good ideas,  but really couldn't pin point the spirit of what I really wanted to tackle in the New Year. So instead of making a task or goal I felt would wash away like writing in the sand,  I decided to take a brief moment every day to display something I am thankful for. The results so early in the game have been such a positive experience, that I wanted to invite you to check in on Facebook and read my daily thoughts. I didn't anticipate the overwhelming amount of positive and joyful attitude and state of mind it's brought me. So far my mind is filled throughout the day of a state of gratitude. How wonderful it feels.

Here's my Facebook link, and don't forgery to like my page if you haven't already done so. www.Facebook.com/Seashellsbyseashore.Lovingcoastalliving

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