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Saturday, January 28, 2012

MANtiques Collection - Loving Coastal Living

MANtiques Collection - Loving Coastal Living

What are MANtiques? Fun way of choosing items Men (& ladies) just LOVE! I recently formed the category in the store. Its filled with great MAN gift ideas, and gives the loved men in our life a section all to themselves! Or so we make them think!
The name was stolen from a friend of mine's recent expansion at her antique shop. She added one room to her second floor just for the men. The rest of the floor is filled to the gills with fabulous women's fashion and clothing from all eras, this was her way to keep those men tagging along their spouse something to rummage through while the women tried on clothes. Mastermind, she is!
I've adopted the idea too- just in my online retail store!

Visit the section today- I'll be adding more to the section very soon...

Stay tuned

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