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Friday, May 29, 2015


Ok! Anew day!

Please know, I as a little person, know I stir and share some deep messages that just may tug at your heart strings. Sometimes when we hurt, are in pain, struggling in any way...It also can bring out that strife. Totally completely out! I know very well we all make mistakes, disappoint the ones we Love, fight & really hurt the ones that we truly love & live for most. Families, partners on any level, and other significant others in life's path...we all can be down right mean, spiteful, & bitter. We're human...we hate. However, we all passionately LOVE too!
So, just so your a little lighter today...remember if you're currently going thru torment & pain- or true hell in your mind, heart, or soul's...run like crazy! You can prevail and get out FAST if you make a conscience decision that you truly hate being there!

Run towards the light. It may lead you to the Way, Light, & Truth you're really seeking. Running away from the light with only bring more darkness. Don't go there! It's ALWAYS a bad place. Learn to run as fast as you possibly can to whatever light! Light, (illuminating) can if you seek, help you find pure peaceful light even in the darkest of nights.
SEA the light!
Be lifted...

TheShellLady of LovingCoastalLiving/ SeashellsbySeashore

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