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Thursday, May 28, 2015

Wise men & women

Going to 'Try' to make this a quick one...
In my personal journey, some of the wisest, most respected, and loved teachers in my lifetime all did something...
They knew when, what exact second, moment in time to Fall Silent. Discerning that..that knowledge, that patience, that true love, is a real true gift! The weight I felt as a 'child' when those people in my path would truly Fall Silent, brought out a passion, a fire inside me!
They knew exactly what they were doing! They were sculpting me as a person and individual. At times it just confused me, or worse yet, anger towards those very same people I loved the most. It also secretly, deeply, drove me to figure stuff out for myself. Like I said, they knew perfectly well what they were doing!
Just have to sit back and giggle inside or out, & thank what I believe in that they were used for this purpose.
Found these cute pins y'all might like regarding this! I as a small person in this BIG world, really hope y'all enjoy it!
Live with purpose. Sometimes it's best to let a bigger purpose drive us to endless possibilities we never could have predicted!

The pins are on one of my boards to reference & give credit.

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