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Friday, May 6, 2011

Back to Seven Interesting Facts

Yesterday I posted the 'One Lovely Blog Award', I received.  Along with it comes the part where I tell you 7 interesting facts about ME.

#1 was posted yesterday- (I have a urinal in my bathroom).  I live in an older home (that I must say was extreme top of the line in its time!).  It has weird little nooks and cranny's everywhere.  It is an ultimate Brady Bunch Home- full of life's necessities, that everyone really must have.  Teeny tiny closet for my ironing board, laundry shoot, little open spaces in closets, that my kids have made forts in, a pantry to DIE for- even in this day, and usable storage everywhere- along with plug outlets anywhere you would think of having them.  Lots of cool built ins---and of course that awesome urinal for the man of the house!

 <----My Girls in DC

#2  Both my daughters just ended their trip to The National Science Bowl.  It is a huge honor to represent our state, and area.  Both of my girls excel madly in Science, and through different local, state competitions won the right to advance to Nationals.  They returned from a week long trip of building hydrogen fuel cell cars, answering questions, and competing.  I am so proud of both- Mattalyn, and Savannah Stirling.  Look up the National Science Bowl- they were from Seashore Middle Academy.

#3  Every morning, and sometimes into the afternoon- I love to sit out on my back deck overlooking the water, hearing the fish jump, feeling the breeze on my cheeks, and hearing the birds.  I love to garden, and have an oasis of potted plants set up in the back.  Many are flowering now!  I enjoy getting my hands dirty, planting seeds and finding new an interesting containers to use.  I re use lots of things- and yes sir- I have some pretty cool planters.

#4  This fall, I will be married 17 years!  My husband shares my dreams, and knows my heart and I look forward to every moment in the future.  He is my best friend, and truly an amazing man.

#5  I once owned a 'resale' shop for over 5 years.  We started it as a way for me to have my little ones with me at work, and it ended up being so much more.  The first year we were in a small building not even 1,000 sq feet, and over the course of years of expanding we had nearly 12,000 sq feet.  We carried everything a small department store/ of super store would- just dirt cheap.  Many items we dealt with were overstocks and shelf pulls- so they too were brand new.  It was an amazing experience, but eventually overtook our purpose. I then continued selling online on eBay as a Gold Power Seller selling off priced merchandise for about 7 years.  I have a passion for vintage and antiques- and was never surprised at what walked in my doors.  People will sell the weirdest things- but people will also BUY the weirdest things.

#6  I really enjoy taking my custom beach prints in my shop.  They have been HOT right now.  One day I was walking down the beach searching for shells, and taking pictures, and decided to draw a heart in the sand with a piece of driftwood.  The idea was born, and I'm glad to say many people over the course of the past 6 months, have got to enjoy something I made- simply to bring joy.

#7 One day (when I grow up, lol) I would like to be a 'wanderer', nomad, gypsy- something along that line.  I look forward to being able to travel from coast to coast- place to place and collect, buy, sell, stay if I'd like, and leave when I wished.  My husband dream of it often.  We will have a home base somewhere, but that is left to determine.  We would even love during the years to come, to sail a portion of the time.  Just me, the hubby, and my mermaid-dog, Lilly Belle.  Oh, it'll be here before I know it!

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