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Monday, May 23, 2011

Please Welcome Naomi- our latest Featured Artist

"Live in the sunshine, swim the sea, drink the wild air…" 
 ~ Ralph Waldo Emerson

People always say that I am “talented”. . . what a weird concept. I answer back by saying that I am just not afraid to try anything! Sometimes, it works and everyone thinks it is great & other times it is a complete failure (and of course, I never show anyone that!)  
Latest Bag

I make use of the following outlets for my creations:
Booths at local venues when available.
Website:  www.sea-debris.com 
* At this workshop I also offer “craft” classes where anyone can decorate their own frame, treasure box, mirror or other item with “Sea Debris” (otherwise known as sea shells.)

What are some things that bring you joy or inspire you?

Walking the beach, meandering at an art fair, travel (to anywhere new!) and sewing. 

Posing with a hand-painted Messenger bag

Do you work outside the home, or are you self employed?

I am self-employed. My husband and I also work together in tourism and promotions of the beach town where we live (Puerto Penasco, Sonora, Mexico). .

Previously, we owned a large family-owned & operated company. That experience left me slightly crazy.

Beachcombing for the Workshop

How long have you been creating, and why did you begin?

I began sewing when I was 6 years old, my grandma had a knee-pedal sewing machine and I could reach the pedal with my foot at 6!  I still have that first little dress that I made.

My Home

About 29 years ago we came to the beach here in Mexico and I started collecting shells and adding them to my funky jewelry & art that I called “gobbledegook”. I sold this at the Coomer’s in Phoenix, AZ (a crafter’s mart where you could rent a small space for about $30 a month.)

My latest Neck-Bib

I have always upcycled my clothing, finding items that were of great fabrics but out of style or the wrong size and re-inventing it. My favorite is what I call my Scarlett O’Hara dress which I made out of a pair of drapes that I found hanging over a rusty metal hanger in a dingy old thrift store.
Photos of this dress are at:
Me Sewing a bridal dress

What are some of your favorites (websites, materials, foods, books, other people’s work, etc.)

My inspiration for my retail shop came from a great website that I discovered.
www.shesellsseashells.com  Debi Beard is the owner & has a shop called “Out of the Blue” in California and I just think she has some fantastic ideas! 

My Other Favorites:
Music: Gypsy Kings; Pink Martini
Dance: Flamenco
Magazines: Altered Couture; Budget Travel
Books: Sea Glass
Author: John Grisham
Movies: Good Year; Walk in the Clouds; Passion of Mind
Off the Beach Work Shop

Where do you live, and do you hope to live elsewhere?

I live in Mexico on the Beach and yes!
This IS the “elsewhere” where I wanted to live…

What are some of your short term and long term goals overall.

I would love to get my messenger bags into retails shops in the U.S. They are so loved by the local ladies here. I get compliments about how practical they are for traveling. And I have ladies who buy a new every few months as I purchase new fabrics.

I also have a personal goal of traveling to Spain & enjoy some flamenco dance & music!    

Being a Grandma

With my Daughter in Iberia

Thank you Naomi for sharing your world with us!  You have an amazing spirit that shows through all your work.


If you are interested in being a featured artist on our site, or know of an artist you'd like to see featured, please contact us HERE


  1. Thank you so much for making me look like an interesting person! I really appreciate this interview and I have published it on my Blog, Facebook and forwarded it to friends. I hope it brings osom eattention back around to your Etsy shop and your creativity, too!
    Once again,

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  3. Awesome feature!!!

    I know first hand Naomi's work is absolutely fabulous & high quality!!! Everything Naomi does is super .. so don't let her fool you when she says "other times it is a complete failure" .. ha that is just her modesty. ~:o)